PRO SMART: the domotic solution by 4-noks to improve solar PV energy self-consumption in three-phase electric power systems! The PRO SMART device, combined with the Elios4you Pro monitoring system, allows you to take full advantage of the energy produced by a solar PV plant up to 30kW. Thanks to the “smart” activation of appliances or other electric equipment directly from the “Elios4you” App, depending on the energy available for consumption, solar PV owners can save money by programming the activation of washers, dryers, dishwashers, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, irrigation systems or pool’s filtration systems, as an example. In fact, through PRO SMART and the “Elios4you” App it is possible to operate directly up to 4 appliances, using wireless ZigBee Smart Plugs or Smart Switches. Configuration and programming are easily managed from the  “Elios4you” App, available for free from Android and iOS stores. Even more, to increase energy self-consumption, you can connect to the system the Power Reducer: an electronic device that allows you to divert even a few hundred Watt to your boiler, having always hot water stored for free.

The Elios4you system is universal and it can be used in any photovoltaic system, being independent of the type/brand of the inverter installed.

Elios4you [Pro] Smart: a wireless home automation system, user friendly and universal for three-phase electric power systems that can definitely improve self-consumption performances, very easy to install and operate.