Elios4you lets users recharge their car maximizing solar PV energy self-consumption.

Stefan Oexle-Ewert, CEO of Enerquinn, with the company electric car in front of Weingarten building.

Using clean energy is in the mission of Enerquinn company, 4-noks distributor in Germany specialized in green energy solutions and PV electrical energy storage solutions.

Exploiting renewable energy sources is not only the company’s core business, but also its overall vision. It goes without saying that a 17.28kWp solar PV system has been installed on the roof of the company building and also an electric car (Renault ZOE) is part of the vehicle fleet.

The device Elios4you Pro used for managing the charging station.

The importance of this choice is more valuable considering that the company does not simply optimize clean energy replacing carbon emission for company business, but also it pursues this way the goal of energetic self-sufficiency.

Thanks to the Elios4you monitoring system used for the control and the management of the electric car charging station, Enerquinn is now able maximize the use of surplus solar PV energy.

“To be able to use the Elios4you Pro output signal for charging current regulation, we have adapted the charging station to this effect“, states Stefan Oexle-Ewert, CEO of Enerquinn. “Elios4you measures the surplus solar energy at the feeding point. As soon as more solar energy is generated than is simultaneously consumed, Elios4you Pro sends a 0-10V signal to the charging station, which then incrementally adjusts the charge current supplied to the car. In addition we use the Elios4you Pro as a remote controlling unit for the charging station.”

“More specifically this means: if a lot of solar energy is available, charging will occur at a high charge current. On the other hand, if there is less surplus energy, the charge rate is low”.

Solar energy is thus used in a flexible way to both decrease the electric mobility costs and increase the self-consumption, making e-mobility even more “green”.

With an accurate control system, the   “Elios4you” App lets the user constantly monitor the PV system activity and the energy usage.

Smart charging station control with Elios4you: If the surplus of generated power (blue) is high, the charging power (orange) will increase automatically.
Chart of the electric energy flux directly managed from the device Elios4you Pro.

With an accurate control system, the   “Elios4you” App lets the user constantly monitor the PV system activity and the energy usage.

Technical information

  • Solar PV system: 17.28kWp
  • Inverter: SMA Sunny Tripower TL
  • Electric car: Renault ZOE
  • Recharge pillar: Phoenix Contact
  • Recharge power: 7.6-14kW

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