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Smart automation

ZigBee technology, Plug & Play philosophy! 4-noks has developed a wide range of products for the creation of ZigBee Plug&Play networks. 4-noks also offers a range of sensors, actuators, thermostats, gateways and data loggers for domestic, commercial and industrial use, all extremely simple to install and configure. In particular, 4–noks products are ideal for the development of applications for saving energy and improving comfort and the quality of life.
4-noks products are available in versions based on the ZigBee Home Automation communication standard for easy integration, or ModBus communication protocol for maximum flexibility in integration.
Data collected from the network can be processed with SCADA systems (Supervisory, Control And Data Acquisition) or BMS systems (Building Management System). Our products can even be connected directly to a PLC to permit the development of evolved control logic.