Solutions for the Internet of Things: wireless connectivity (local and remote) and a cloud platform Interaction and integration with devices via smartphone and tablet apps.

  • OEM
    Complete know-how in technologies, systems and applications for the creation of smart devices.

Wireless connectivity

4-noks has been a ZigBee Alliance partner since 2006 and specialises in the design, development and production of devices and systems based on ZigBee technology.
ZigBee standard permits the creation of innovative and reliable “Internet of Things ready” products with reduced energy consumption, ideal for both consumer and commercial applications.

Internet connectivity

4-noks has extensive competence in the hardware, firmware and software needed for the integrated development of devices that connect to the Internet and/or permit direct communications with smartphones and tablets. Wi-Fi and GPRS technology or a simple Internet connection via an Ethernet port, to access remote devices and communicate with them over the web.

Internet and cloud

Proprietary infrastructure and all the know-how needed to develop the Internet of Things. Key competence to enable devices to become truly smart, for remote access and for the development of new services, integrations and business models.

Apps: the user interface for the Internet of Things

Today, no user interface is simpler than the ones that reside directly on your smartphone or tablet. 4-noks can develop apps to control devices locally or via the cloud. The future of the Internet of Things depends on the achievement of simplicity.