4-noks devices for monitoring energy consumption and environmental parameters are now available on Astrel Group’s website within the Energy Monitoring product range.

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Solutions for the control of energy consumption and the assessment of efficiency projects: devices and tools for energy metering, data collection and display.

  • Energy Managers / ESCOs Tools for energy audits and consumption monitoring/optimisation in buildings, shops, public and private offices and industry, designed to develop strategies for energy saving

Single user consumption monitoring via GPRS

A dedicated solution for monitoring consumption directly from the mains meter or using an energy meter, WITHOUT TAMPERING, even if no ADSL connection is available. All data are automatically archived in 4-cloud.

Multi-user consumption monitoring via ADSL

A dedicated solution for monitoring consumption in multi-user buildings, with the possibility of storing data in 4-cloud via an ADSL connection. All data are stored under a single profile for integrated management of readings.

Lighting consumption monitoring

A monitoring solution dedicated to the management of lighting systems (roads, car parks, industrial areas). Simple to install and manage. In addition to simple monitoring, the system also permits efficiency optimisation by switching on and off according to a highly accurate clock and sending alarms by e-mail.
Everything can be controlled from the 4-cloud portal.


A cloud platform for storing and viewing consumption data, with additional functions such as data downloads for further analysis and the possibility of sending alarms via e-mail. Permits the development of low cost plug & play energy monitoring solutions.