Energy of Things


The Energy of Things and the Internet of Things: we create Internet-connected, smart electronic solutions for energy efficiency. We specialise in wireless technology and cloud solutions for photovoltaic systems, energy saving, smart home and smart building applications.


Electric cars go green with solar PV energy and 4-noks solutions.

Elios4you lets users recharge their car maximizing solar PV energy self-consumption.

sing clean energy is in the mission of Enerquinn company, 4-noks distributor in Germany specialized in green energy solutions and PV electrical energy storage solutions.

Exploiting renewable energy sources is not only the company’s core business, but also its overall vision. It goes without saying that a 17.28kWp solar PV system has been installed on the roof of the company building and also an electric car is part of the vehicle fleet […]

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The updated list of our resellers

September 27, 2017

Our sales network for all 4-noks electronic solutions dedicated to solar PV self-consumption and energy […]

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Case study / Eco-sustainable home: the power of Sun and 4-noks Elios4you technology

September 11, 2017

Green living: one of our customers from Bergamo, Italy, tells us why he introduced a […]