How to boost self-consumption with thermal storage

Electric water heaters for hydro-sanitary purpose can be easily employed to store the surplus energy produced by the solar PV system: this is extremely convenient to consistently improve self-consumption, thus reducing environmental footprint and energy bills.

Whi choose Power Reducer?

With Power Reducer the immersion heater used for water heating can be controlled in real time modulating the power absorbed, independently from the nominal power: this allows to use only the energy available produced by the solar PV system, without purchasing any energy from the grid.

How it works

Knowing the amount of surplus energy available from the solar PV system, Power Reducer modulates the electrical input, independently of the nominal power rating. Therefore, the user can exploit even only 100 Watt of surplus power, without purchasing any energy from the grid.

Thus, the energy consumption trend to heat water stays within the production curve of self-produced energy, without generating consumption peaks which are typical of other household appliances.

Comparing Power Reducer models

Trouble choosing the best device for your needs? Compare the models available in the chart below, and choose the best device for your needs.

Power-Reducer-RC Power-Reducer-SA
Power Reducer Power Reducer RC Power Reducer SA
Immersion heater max power 3.0kW 3.0kW 3.0kW
Compatibility / Minimum requirements Elios4you; Elios4you Smart; Elios4you Pro Elios4you Smart; Elios4you [Pro] Smart
Connection Wired Wireless
Communication Analog control signal 0-10V Wireless ZigBee
Power supply 230Vac 230Vac 230Vac
Power measurement Con TA
Type of control Linear; PWM Linear; PWM Linear; PWM
Certifications CE; EMC CE; EMC CE; EMC
Data and programming display “Elios4you” App “Elios4you” App
Parameters and thresholds settings
Weekly programme
Boost function Programmable via App; manual Programmable via App; manual Manual; digital input

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