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Power Reducer SA

Heating water for free with photovoltaic energy

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Product Description

Increasing self-consumption and reducing costs: Power Reducer SA is a stand-alone solution generating minimal impact, in terms of expense and difficulty of installation, for producing hot water by means of photovoltaic energy. Routing surplus solar power automatically to an electric water heater with storage tank, users can secure an immediate benefit which, in certain cases, can mean suspending the use of power from the grid for entire periods of the year. Power Reducer SA is suitable for all installations: it operates independently of the inverter and of the monitoring system installed.

How it works

Power Reducer SA is a completely stand-alone control device with a built-in energy meter that provides the facility of producing hot water without ever drawing power from the grid. Connected to a water heater / storage tank with an electric immersion element rated up to 3.0 kW, Power Reducer SA can deliver immediate savings.

Power Reducer SA diverts surplus energy automatically (even just a few hundred Watts) without drawing from the grid. Measuring available energy by means of the current transformer (CT) installed on the meter line of the grid supply, the Power Reducer SA minimizes the power demand of the electric element in the water heater / hot water storage tank, consequently avoiding the need to draw electricity from the grid.

Main features

  • Modulates power absorbed by the heating element, exploiting available PV energy without drawing power from the grid
  • Easy to install: no plumbing skills required
  • Safe: compliance with CE and EMC regulations for residential and commercial use
  • Max rated power of electric heater 3.0kW @ 230V
  • CT (current transformer) included for calculation of available energy
  • Boost function: forces activation of heating element when PV energy production ceases
General specifications Power Reducer for single-phase resistive loads (typically an electric water heater) up to 3kW. Stand Alone version: autonomous operation without the request for accessories, for single-phase installations.
Power supply 230Vac (± 10%) 50Hz

3.0kW max, resistive

WARNING: before connecting to a steatite electric immersion heater, verify with the manufaturer if it’s compatibile with Power Reducer.

Status display nr. 2 x visual alarm, system power on, system with boost activated
nr. 1 x LED with brightness proportionate to power reduction
Protection Internal fuse rated 20A (FF632320)
Connections Screw terminals for power supply
Screw terminals for power supply to resistive load
Screw terminals for CT provided; cable L = 3000 mm
Environmental parameters Operating conditions: -5 to +40°C; <80% RH non-condensing
Storage conditions: -20 to +70°C; <80% RH non-condensing
Degree of protection IP20
Conformity Directives 2014/30 EU; 2014/35 EU; 99/5 EEC; 2011/65 EU; EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility); EN 55014-1; EN55014-2; EN61000-3-2; EN61000-3-3; EN61000-6-2; EN61000-6-3; EN60335-1; EN60335-2-21
Dimensions (L x H x D) 280 x 295 x 70,5 mm

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