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Elios4you [Pro] Smart

Smart monitoring and self-consumption device for three-phase PV systems up to 100kW with smart wireless accessories

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Product Description

How it works

Elios4you [Pro] Smart is a monitoring and self-consumption system for three-phase PV systems rated up to 100 kW, allowing automatic control of up to four electrical consumers according to the quantity of surplus energy produced by the system.

With the “Elios4you” App, besides monitoring the production of their photovoltaic system simply and intuitively, users can also programme the activation of electrical appliances according to the level of surplus energy produced, using the wireless Smart Plug RC and Smart Switch RC. Elios4you [Pro] Smart is compatible with other radio accessories for managing self-consumption.

Main features

  •  For three-phase systems of up to 100 kW rated power (grid connected)
  • Programmable relay for self-consumption
  • Control of up to 4 accessories with wireless connection
  • Programming of wireless accessories for self-consumption
  • Instant reading of power usage by consumers
  • Data displayed in real time on smartphone/tablet, even remotely (with internet connection using ADSL router). Available on App Store and Google Play.
Codice Prodotto
Elios4you Pro 15 kW
+ Pro Smart
Elios4you Pro 50 kW
+Pro Smart
Elios4you Pro 100 kW
+ Pro Smart
General specifications Elios4you Pro: control system for three-phase photovoltaic systems with Wi-Fi connection and App for smartphone/tablet; maximum measurable power 15 / 50 / 100 kW
Pro Smart: ZigBee interface controllable from App
Power supply Elios4you Pro: 400V (3x 230Vac + neutral) ± 10% 1.8 W wye configuration for power supply and voltmeter connections
Pro Smart: 230 Vac (± 10%) 50/60 Hz 1.4W
Radio specifications Elios4you Pro: Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n; access point (AP) Station (STA), A,B,G,N or mixed mode; output power 15 ± 1 dBm
Pro Smart: IEEE 802.15.4. / ZigBee Home Automation protocol 1.2, power 10 mW
Memory Data log up to two months, in the event of no connection to tablet, with sampling every 15 minutes
Status displays Elios4you Pro: 6 x Led
Pro Smart: 4 x Led
Connections Screw terminals for power and voltmeter connections, measurement CTs, alarm inputs and control outputs
Current measurement With split core CT
E4U-PRO-15 and E4U-PRO-50: internal diameter Ø 15 mm max
E4U-PRO-100: internal diameter Ø 24 mm max
Antenna External antenna on SMA RP screw connector for data transmission via Wi-Fi
Outputs Relay output (max 10A, @ 230Vac), 0-10V output, RS485 output for Pro Smart
Inputs nr. 2 x voltage-free alarm contact (NO)
Environmental parameters Operating conditions: 0 to +50 °C; <80% RH non-condensing Storage conditions: -20 to +70°C; <80% RH non-condensing
Degree of protection IP20
Conformity Directives 2014/30 EU; 2014/35 EU; 99/5 EEC; 2011/65 EU; ETSI-EN 300 328; ETSI EN301 429; EN 61326-1; EN50581; EN55010; EN55011; EN 61010-1
Dimensions (L x H x D) Elios4you Pro: 6-module DIN rail housing 105 x 110 x 60 mm
Pro Smart: 4-module DIN rail housing 72 x 110 x 60 mm

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