Integration, optimization, smart home: 4-noks vision for solar PV self-consumption

New solutions for energy self-consumption and green lifestyle

Integration, optimization and smart home, for a more sustainable and green lifestyle. With this vision in mind, 4-noks by Astrel Group is attending Intersolar Europe 2017, presenting new products for solar PV self-consumption.

Stick to its core philosophy based on products compatible with any solar PV system, regardless of the inverter installed, 4-noks will introduce onto the market new and user-friendly solutions to maximize the use of homegrown energy.

Intersolar Europe 2017 will be a proper stage for two important previews: Elios4you system integrated with an energy storage inverter and Elios4you integrated with e-car charging station. These devices aim at maximizing the use of clean energy to achieve the goal of 100% solar PV self-consumption, thus realizing a dream with concrete solutions.

Furthermore, 4-noks has recently widened its range of power optimizers for immersion heaters Power Reducer. Beside a 3.6kW single-phase version, now with internal Energy Meter to measure self-consumption, the range of 4-noks Power Reducers also includes the 5.5kW single-phase version and the 9.0kW three-phase version, all EMC certified.

Power Reducer allows to store free hot water when surplus solar energy is available (even few dozen Watt), without drawing any energy from the grid.

The family of wireless accessories is growing as well, including devices for energy monitoring and for a smart management of electrical household appliances in the smart home. With wireless Energy Meters and a wireless Smart Relay (dry contact), it is also possible to operate electrical equipment and / or systems, depending on the surplus energy available for self-consumption.

At the heart of the system remains Elios4you App, in its updated version for enabling people to a smart use of homegrown energy, always intuitive and user-friendly. A technology that simplifies everyday life, respecting the environment, is the path towards green economy.

Come and visit 4-noks by Astrel Group at Intersolar Europe from 31.05 to 02.06.2017

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