The management and analysis of data originating from solar PV systems are essential aspects not to be missed when dealing with monitoring systems: this is a very much welcomed service by installers and end users.

To meet the increasing demands on 4-noks products coming from France, the 4-cloud portal is now available also in the French language.

The smart management of solar photovoltaic energy, with the aim of increasing the levels of home-grown energy from self-consumption, is a key issue in the French market: hence the need and wish to offer our customers high qualitative tools of analysis, even on the web.

The displaying of data of one or many solar PV systems, the management of production alarms, the comparison and analysis of results over time, the graphics and the export of data in an electronic format: these are only some of the information available thanks to the 4-cloud portal. We deem these are important data to better know the system and to use clean energy more responsibly.

To visit the demo version on please fill in the following information:

  • Username: demo4noks
  • Password: demo4noks