autoconsumo TognazziTognazzi states “I’m using up to 85% self-consumed energy with 4-noks solutions”

Thanks to a ‘smart’ management of your PV system the energy independence is becoming reality

Originally from Tuscany now living in Cecina, Alberto Tognazzi is passionate of energy saving technology. He started his path towards a more sustainable way of living only some years ago, among the pioneers of an ‘evolved’ use of energy taken from the PV system. He was among the first who adopted the Elios4you system by 4-noks to realize his dream of an energy-independent house with low environmental impact: that is what he says.

Mr. Tognazzi, will you explain us your project?

“Sure. I’ve always dreamed of owning an energetically self-sufficient house, and I found a solution in the PV system. I installed my PV system in 2012 during my home restructuring with a clear aim: using self-produced electric energy only, without sacrificing comfort.”

Apart from your PV system for energy production, which systems did you adopt to optimize energy consumption?

“The PV system was just the first step. Besides house thermal insulation, to reduce heating and cooling system consumption I used a heat pump, an appropriate solution together with the PV system. Moreover, I chose a tank for hot sanitary water storage and technical water (heating water) taken from my artesian aquifer. In my house even the hotplates are working with electric induction, just like everything else.”

But the energy produced was not only used for your home, was it?

“True. My goal is to completely replace fossil energy in favour of renewable one. The next step is electric mobility. I could use the exceeding energy produced by my PV system to supply an electric car, so I bought one.”

How and why did you choose 4-noks technology to control your PV system?

“After installing my PV system I understood it was impossible to optimize consumption during the system working hours without a suitable technology to manage and use energy. From there I started my research for a solution easy to use, reliable and possibly scalable. 4-noks products were the only ones which completely satisfied my expectations.”

Which 4-noks products are now present in your house?

“My system is now entirely monitored and managed by the App Elios4you. At the beginning in 2013, I installed Elios4you Pro for the monitoring of production and consumption flows and for the setting of the HP (Heat Pump) program. At this purpose, the online portal was necessary. I still use the output available on Elios4you Pro to manage my electric car charge depending on the energy available. In 2014 I installed Power Reducer to use the exceeding energy for sanitary water and technical water piloting the additional resistance in the boiler. Then, in 2015, I introduced the module Pro Smart for programming and for controlling the well pump operation via Smart Switch, and other house appliances via Smart Plug.”

Which goals did you achieve?

“I could increase my consumption capacity from 15/20% up to 85% during months of higher production, namely from March till September. This stands as an important goal considering that my system is of 8.0 kWp (now 10.5 kWp) entirely supplying a place with a household of only two people.”

Figure 1: the consumption curve mirrors the production one, displayed both on Elios4you App and
Figure 2: summary amounts of the system with the energy produced, fed into the grid and self-consumed

You also received awards, is that correct?

“Yes, it is. I received my first category award for Italy at “Eco courts awards” in 2014. The award was an electric bike and a kit for electric consumption.”

Award allocated by the regions of Tuscany and Emilia, the city of Padua, Finabita, Legacoop and Coop, and funded by the European project “LIFE”.

Which are your next objectives to optimize self-consumption?

I would like to identify other directly controlled loads and to install a power supply for the (low) energy fed into the grid.

Why would you suggest 4-noks products to other owners of PV systems?

Because they can be easily integrated with other products 4-noks to implement the functionality of electronic devices. They are modular and easy to use and accessible to everyone.

Technical features of “Tognazzi home” system

PV power installed: 10.5kWp

Inverter: 1 Santerno and 2 ABB Power ONE

Heating/cooling system and ACS: Viessmann heat pump type “Vitotronic 200” air/water exchanger

Electric car: Renault ZOE

4-noks products used: