With an amendment approved by the Italian Government with regard to the ‘Stability Law’ a new incentive known as Ecobonus has been allocated. This incentive establishes a tax detraction of 65% for all improvements concerning the energy efficiency, also valid for other types of expenses, such as purchases, installation and functioning of multimedia devices for the remote control of heating systems and production of hot water and air-conditioning in housing units.

The ‘Stability Law’ still in the approval phase extended to December 31st 2016 both the tax detraction of 65% for all operations regarding energy efficiency in buildings and the tax detraction of 50% for renovation.

Domotics, namely all the solutions to manage and coordinate lighting and air-conditioning systems, all systems for self-produced and stored energy, such as PV systems and batteries for storage, not only helps improving living comfort, but it also permits to save a substantial amount of energy.

The web Portal Qualenergia.it spreading the news also reports an interesting article by the Energy&Strategy Group of the Polytechnic University of Milan: investment on energy is estimated to be extremely convenient in terms of Internal Rate of Return and Investment Return Times.