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Energy Meter 1~ RC

Wireless power metering device for Elios4you Smart systems

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Product Description

How it works

Energy Meter 1~ RC is a wireless power metering device for Elios4you Smart systems. It may have replaced one of the measurement transformers (CT) installed with Elios4you, or it can be used for monitoring energy drawn by a consumer (e.g. household electrical appliance).

Where the Energy Meter 1~ RC is used for remote management of a CT in the Elios4you system, the information will be the same as acquired with a wired CT. Conversely, if the device is used for monitoring a consumer via the “Elios4you” App, it will be possible to view data on energy exchanged with the consumer.

Main features

  • Wireless energy meter
  • Simple and swift installation
  • Guided configuration by way of “Elios4you” App
  • ZigBee technology
  • Precise voltage and current measurement
  • Transmission of energy and exchanged power data
  • Viewing of data by way of “Elios4you” App

Compatible with

Technical data sheet

General specifications ZigBee single-phase power meter with data transmission
Power supply 90/250 Vac; 1W; 50/60Hz
Radio specifications Frequency: 2405 MHz to 2480 MHz
Compatible with IEEE 802.15.4
Transmission power; +3dBm ERP (2mW)
Internal antenna
Measurements Bidirectional active power [W]
Bidirectional energy [Wh]
Connections Screw terminals (5.08 mm pitch)
CT Ø 15 mm
Environmental parameters Operating conditions: -10 to +60°C; <80% RH non-condensing
Storage conditions: -20 to +70°C; <80% RH non-condensing
Degree of protection IP20
Conformity Community Directives 2006/95/EEC, 89/336/EEC, 99/5/EEC; ETSI-EN 300 328; ETSI EN301 489; EN50371; EN60950-1; EN61000-6-2; EN6100
Dimensions (L x H x D) 53.5 x 110 x 62 mm

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