• WIDGET-PV-001

Product Description

Main features

Share your commitment to the environment on-line. When requested, an on-line display can be created for all devices registered with the 4-cloud portal, showing the amount of energy produced and the emissions of CO2 avoided.

The display can show the data for a single system, or the aggregate of data values from multiple systems. The Widget service can be used both for the publication of data on a user’s own website, and to display data directly on the browser, on payment of a one-time subscription.

Compatible products

All Elios4you and IntellyGreen-PV products registered on the 4-cloud poertal.


At the request of the client, a web page is generated, with customized graphics if so desired, accessible directly from the browser with a dedicated link.
This means it is possible to share production data by displaying the page on a dedicated monitor or on a television connected to the internet.


At the request of the client, a script is generated for incorporation into a web page on the client’s own site. To view the data, the script code must be inserted in the target page of the Widget.