Case study: self-consumption up to 85% with Elios4you system

Originally from Tuscany now living in Cecina, Alberto Tognazzi is passionate of energy saving technology. He started his path towards a more sustainable way of living and sustainable mobility only some years ago, among the pioneers of an ‘evolved’ use of energy from the solar PV system. He was among the first who adopted the Elios4you system by 4-noks to realize his dream of an energy-independent house with low environmental impact.

After installing a three-phase PV system from 10.5 kW, Alberto noticed that the production of clean energy was only the first step to reach his goal, that is using homegrown energy only, without sacrificing comfort.

As a matter of fact, without a suitable technology to manage and use energy it was impossible to optimize consumptions during the system main production hours. Since his house is furnished with a heat pump and a water storage tank, Alberto started his research for a system capable of using the surplus energy produced.

He finally installed Elios4you Pro for the system monitoring and remote programming from the App “Elios4you” to activating the heat pump. Using the 4-cloud portal he was able to carry out a deep analysis of production and consumption data, to better understand via charts and more detailed information how to increase self-consumption capacity.

Alberto then decided to use the Elios4you Pro output to command the e-car charging, depending on the energy available.

To heat the sanitary and technical water he then integrated in the system Power Reducer, connecting it to the resistance of his own storage tank. Consequently, Alberto was able to produce all hot water he needed without drawing any energy from the grid, because Power Reducer automatically diverts the surplus energy to the water heater.

Afterwards, he further widened the system adding the Pro Smart device, to smartly manage additional wireless accessories: first, a Smart Switch RC connected to a pump of the artesian well of his own property where water is drawn for the storage tank. For other household users he has wireless Smart Plug RC to program via App the functioning of other electrical devices, always using the energy available.

Thanks to the Elios4you system, Alberto was glad to raise his self-consumption capacity from 15-20% up to 85% during maximum production months (May-September).

“I’m very pleased I chose Elios4you system – states Alberto – it is easy to use, reliable and, most of all, scalable over time. Furthermore, all devices are easily and quickly managed via the App “Elios4you”. This is a very useful tool to keep full control of the system, even remotely”.

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