The user registration is not compulsory, but it allows two important functions which would otherwise not be available:

  • “Cloud backup” functions, allowing to save and / or restore data on the “Elios4you” App on smartphone and tablet.
  • System monitoring from a remote location: data reading of the Elios4you system is possible on the App only if the system is connected to your domestic / company network, via the “indirect connection mode”. Therefore, it is possible to configure the “Elios4you” App with two modes:
    • Direct mode: direct connection of the smartphone/tablet to the Wi-Fi network generated by the Elios4you control unit (typically used for system monitoring in local configuration)
    • Indirect mode: the Elios4you control unit is connected to a Wi-Fi network, so the system must be connected to that network (typically used for system monitoring from remote location)

For user registration follow this tutorial.