Yes. You can self-consume the energy produced by your own system connecting one or many Smart Plug RC and/or Smart Switch RC to an Elios4you Smart system (both single-phase and three-phase).

Via the “Elios4you” App, you can manage up to 4 wireless plugs:

  • Smart Plug RC, for loads with electrical plug (household appliances such as washing machine, dehumidifier, stoves, electrical radiators, fans…)
  • Smart Switch RC, for loads without electrical plug, connected via phase, neutral and ground wires (for instance radiant electrical heating, minipool pumps, air conditioning…)

Each load is easily managed from the “Elios4you” App for free, available for Android / Apple iOS smartphone and tablet.

After setting thresholds and timer on the App , Elios4you system will be able to smartly activate wireless plugs according to a customized and preselected order, depending on the energy available for self-consumption.

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