Multi-user management: quick smartphone/tablet association to an operating Elios4you system

This configuration wizard allows you to associate quickly an additional smartphone/tablet to an Elios4you system already installed and fully operating. The Elios4you device must be connected to the local Wi-Fi network.

This wizard allows you to avoid the repetition of the initial configuration (Android and/or iOS) for the additional smart devices.


Important: follow this configuration setup on one smartphone/tablet at a time. Make sure no other device is running the “Elios4you” App.

Setup wizard

1) Connect your smartphone / tablet to the local Wi-Fi network to which the Elios4you gateway is connected

2) Start the “Elios4you” App → Menu → Start the Configuration Wizard

3) Select “I want to use my Wi-Fi access point” → Next

4) Select “Device already configured previously and correctly connected to the Wi-Fi network” → Next

5) Enter the 8 characters device ID code printed on the Elios4you label → Next

6) Wait for the device recognition

7) The app will show a confirmation message