“Elios4you” App / Initial configuration for iOS device

The initial configuration wizard allows you to enable a smartphone or tablet to manage the Elios4you system and set the correct parameters.

Warning: start the app configuration on one device at a time, checking that the “Elios4you” App is off on the other smartphones/tablets already configured.

  • DIRECT MODE: direct connection from smartphone / tablet to Wi-Fi network generated by the Elios4you gateway (typical configuration used to locally monitor the PV system). Watch how to set up with the video tutorial.


  • INDIRECT MODE: connection of your smartphone / tablet to the Elios4you system through the Wi-Fi network to which the Elios4you gateway is connected (typical configuration for monitoring the PV system online, remotely). Watch how to set up with the video tutorial.


  • WPS MODE: connection of the Elios4you system to the home/company’s Wi-Fi network using the WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) feature, available on the majority of the router/access point on the market (this configuration allows users to configure the system for remote monitoring without need to use Wi-Fi network’s password)