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Red Cap

Accessory to convert Elios4you into Elios4you Smart

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Product Description

Red Cap is an accessory that converts Elios4you into Elios4you Smart. Self-consumption provided by a single-phase PV system can be increased by controlling wireless accessories automatically so as to exploit surplus energy. There is also the option of connecting a wireless energy meter (RC).

Compatibility check

IMPORTANT! Run the check procedure directly from the “Elios4you” App to verify the compatibility of your own Elios4you device with the Red Cap smart self-consumption accessory.

Is Red Cap compatible? Yes → You can use Smart Plugs RC with Red Cap functionality.

Technical specs

Main features
Radio connection module to switch on and off from remote wireless plugs and switches
Radio characteristics ZigBee standard, 2.4 GHz
Connections Flat cable included to connect to Elios4you

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