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Multi-user & multi-system management internet platform



What is 4-Cloud?

4-Cloud is 4-noks’ innovative internet platform for storing/viewing data from your various devices. The portal provides a series of functionalities common to all kinds of device as well as other functions specific to connected devices.

Multi-user management

The portal offers two types of account: Owner and Viewer.

  • Owners are people who register devices on the portal and pay the necessary access fee.
  • Viewers are persons authorised by owners only to view data.

Multi-system management

Owners can register and view (by accessing their accounts) various systems/devices simultaneously. This function is particularly useful for maintenance operatives and energy managers to ensure optimised system management.

Data display

Data on the portal can be viewed in table and/or in graphic format, for quick, easy comprehension.

Data log and downloads

The portal lets you access a log of all data transmitted by registered devices. Data can also be downloaded in .xls (MS Excel) format for subsequent processing.

Alarm transmission

If the portal detects certain critical conditions in a connected device (e.g. no energy produced by a photovoltaic system), it sends an alarm via e-mail.

Want to learn more?

Visit www.4-cloud.org, enter the username and password given below and view the 4-cloud portal demo.

  • Username: demo4noks
  • Password: demo4noks