Elios4you / 4-cloud alarms

Keys of alarm notices generated by the devices Elios4you and 4-cloud portal.

Type What it stands for Main reasons Is it possible to (manually) deactivate the alarm? Icon on “Elios4you” App
PV alarm (Power alarm) The system does not detect production data (checks last 15-30 mins)

Generation meter malfunction

Weather factors (panels covered with snow or leaves)

Alarm automatically stops when Elios4you system detects production data again “Lighting” icon on the main screen
Generic “warning”  icon on the app’s status bar, on top right
Offline alarm (disconnection alarm) The system does not send data to 4-cloud.org (for more than 15 mins) Internet network malfunction.
ADSL router or Elios4you control unit is switched off or it’s malfunctioning
Alarm automatically stops when 4-cloud.org receives data from Elios4you control unit again
Customizable external alarm (Customizable instant alarm) Dry contact is closed.
Alarm relay output (for any fault)
They depend on the device connected.
An external device can be connected to one digital input of Elios4you in order to activate customizable alarm, on 4-cloud.org and on the free App
“Alarm 1” and “Alarm 2” icons on the main screen
PV alarm (Alarm for withdrawal)

It is activated when a customized limit for withdrawn energy is exceeded.

Application example: monitoring of exceeding consumptions. Alarm is also used to receive an email notice (from 4-cloud.org) when the maximum capacity of grid’s withdrawal is almost reached.

This is useful to avoid meter’s interruptions due to exceeding consumptions.

The energy drawn from the grid is greater than the customized value. “Down arrow” icon on the main screen.