Wireless devices based on ZigBee technology for energy saving systems, comfort and ambient assisted living.

  • System integrators ZigBee solutions based on HA (Home Automation) or Modbus protocol for integration in smart home and smart building systems

ZigBee standard

A complete range of devices based on ZigBee wireless technology for the creation of smart home and smart building systems, developed to satisfy the specific needs of system integrators and installers.

High coverage, low consumption, and reliable wireless mesh networks make ZigBee standard systems the first choice for smart automation.

A dedicated device for every need

Smart sockets, energy meters, temperature, presence, luminosity and CO2 sensors, thermostats, thermostatic valves and more besides: a complete catalogue of wireless devices for automation systems. Easy to integrate in any system thanks also to a range of accessories that includes gateways, bridges and data loggers.

For the home: ZigBee Home Automation

A dedicated line of devices based on ZigBee Home Automation protocol for integration in residential applications. Each device can be integrated easily in any automation system based on the worldwide ZigBee Alliance standard, irrespective of manufacturer.

For building systems: ZigBee Modbus

A line of devices and accessories based on ZigBee technology and ModBus, the most common standard in industrial automation, for flexible integration in commercial and industrial automation systems.